Put these tips into practice to appear to have slept (at least) eight hours and not have to suffer from dark circles, bags or the paleness that comes with a bad night.

Dark circles, puffy eyelids, and dull skin - lack of sleep is unforgiving and where it becomes most evident is on your face. That is why it is crucial to know the best tips to hide that you have slept from little to nothing.

Manage to fade the effects of fatigue on your eyes, eye contour and skin in record time with the tricks that we reveal below.

1. Puffy eyelids

Nothing betrays a sleepless night more than puffy eyes and bags under the eyes. Fortunately, there is a solution! The trick is to remove the accumulated liquid in this area with gentle massages with the tips of your fingers and gently tap from the tear duct to the cheekbone. Accompany the massage with an eye contour cream or serum that contains botanical or draining active ingredients so that your fingers slide over your skin.

You can also bet on the effects of localized cold to decongest. Keep caffeinated green tea brew cubes in your freezer so when the time comes you'll be ready. And eye! do not put it directly on the skin- roll it in a gauze or towel to avoid burning your skin.

2. Dark circles

Dark circles, or discoloration under the lower lid, are caused by the slow drainage of the same fluid accumulated under the eyes - in other words, our worst nightmare. To mitigate and attenuate them you must obtain a good treatment for your eye contour, hopefully with retinoic acid to thicken the skin and hide its dark color; caffeine to increase circulation in the area; and arnica to reduce inflammation and bruising.

Eye contour patches also work very well and will help improve the texture of the area. In addition, due to their high concentration of active ingredients, they achieve much faster and longer-lasting results. ideal is combine masks and patches with your usual cosmetics , experts say.

3. Expression lines

Surely you have noticed that when you sleep badly, your wrinkles appear, especially crow's feet and the creases in your eyelids. You're not delusional, yes it's true! As your body hasn't had a chance to properly replenish its collagen stores overnight, wrinkles become more prominent.

And although the effects are not reversible (when a wrinkle appears there is no magic wand to make it disappear) you can gradually fill it with a moisturizing and nourishing product for your skin. The key is in perseverance. Also make sure that the creams and serums you use contain hyaluronic acid and facial oils rich in vitamins A, C and E.

4. Dull skin

Although we usually focus on the eye contour, the truth is that paleness also denotes tiredness . Lack of sleep causes a drop in melanin production, depriving your face of its natural luminosity. So the key is to use illuminating creams that return the light to your skin.

Bonus tips: Combine it with your makeup base to guarantee better coverage and enhance its effect. And opt for natural makeup! Start with a fluid, natural base, add a bit of blush to give your face more life, then apply a highlighter on your cheeks and you will get a juicier face. Finish with a little lash to open the look.

5. Dehydration

When choosing a drink to hydrate (and boost energy) aim for herbal teas instead of the classic ones. Although it may seem impossible to believe, these infusions have more caffeine than even coffee itself, which, by the way, contributes zero to your hydration. Therefore, in addition to the infusions of energizing herbs that activate circulation like mint, ginseng, and licorice, drink plenty of water to keep your skin juicy and clean.

Follow these tricks and you will see how your face changes in a matter of seconds.

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