Just as we choose the right clothes, the right accessories, the right makeup and even the right perfume for the occasion, the bag or purse is also part of our look, it is a very important accessory that can add or subtract from our outfit, that's why here we tell you the styles of handbags that you can use according to the occasion:


A structured portfolio is an excellent option for the office and in general for women who spend a lot of time away from home. Structured bags usually have several compartments to store documents, money, makeup, tablets, smartphones, etc. They are usually formal, elegant and enduring. Due to the double handle, the structured bag is easy to carry on the forearm.


For your leisure plans such as outdoor walks, movies, shopping, etc. Opt for a spacious bag with simple lines such as shoppers or tote bags. You will need to be comfortable and you will have space to carry a book, a scarf or whatever you need on your outing. You can also take the opportunity to try different materials and break the routine.


Gone are the days when we were looking for our most elegant bag to travel, now it's about being comfortable but obviously without losing style, which is why the backpack is your ideal bag. You will be with your arms free and thanks to its smaller pocket you will be able to have your documents at hand and your headphones.


For these occasions we recommend you to carry a small bag like the cross body or with a chain strap. Because you will be at a table, your large bag may be a bit uncomfortable. In addition, they are very fun wallets to mark personality and style.

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